Lakes Cakes
With 30 years of professional experience, Lakes Cakes has provided unique,
decadent cakes and desserts to literally thousands of satisfied customers
throughout Lower Michigan.

We are known for our award winning custom designed  wedding cakes that
are without peer in the Detroit Metropolitan area.   Lakes Cakes specializes
in preparing beautiful wedding cakes with that "fondant look"... without
that overly sweet,  fondant taste.  Here at Lake Cakes, our decorators are
skilled at replicating that smooth, fondant-look effect with buttercream.  
This is a dying art these days.   Of course, if the bride's dream cake is
covered in fondant, we will be happy to make her wishes come true, using
our own homemade fondant which, incidentally does taste better than the  
pre-made fondant many cake designers use.

Lakes Cakes also creates astounding cake sculptures and free hand cake
drawings and tiered cakes that are certain to become the focal point at your
next special occasion  event.  Our motto is:  "If the customer can think it up,
we can create it!".   All cake drawings, cutouts and sculptures you see while
browsing our photo pages are freehand, custom cakes.  We don't use a
projector, stencils, character pans or trace artwork.  In addition,  all of
Lakes Cakes' sculptures and cutouts are 95 to 100% edible...unlike much of
the work you see by "those cake guys" you see on TV.  

Aside from looking spectacular, our cakes taste wonderful as well.  Lakes
Cakes uses only organic cage free eggs;   creamery butter;  perfect and sweet
fruit;  in addition to finer ingredients in our baking process, such as
Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla and 100% pure extracts.   All of Lakes Cakes'
products are absolutely  preservative free and over 80% of the ingredients
we use are organic.

For those with special diet needs and/or food allergies, Lakes Cakes has
developed special recipes that will delight your taste buds.  Examples
include:  Gluten free, dairy free and sugar free desserts.  We also are skilled
at making vegan cakes that actually taste good!

"For a personal experience in an increasingly impersonal world, call Lakes
Cakes today!"       

Our Offerings:

Wedding cakes
Custom all occasion
Anniversary cakes
Groom's cakes
Custom decorated
sugar cookies
3D cake sculptures
2D cake cutouts
Sweets tables
Mini pastries
Groom's cakes
Special diet needs
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** Lakes Cakes Is fully licensed by The State of Michigan
Department of Agriculture
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Just In:  We are so proud to announce that we have been selected as a recipient of “The
Knot Best of Weddings Hall Of Fame”. The Knot Wedding Network is inducting wedding
professionals who have won four or more Best of Weddings awards into a new VIP group
known as “The Knot Best of Weddings Hall of Fame.” Lakes Cakes has been a Knot Best
of Weddings award recipient every year (but one) since 2008! What is even more
amazing, is that we are the ONLY bakery/cake designer to win this award in the entire
state of Michigan! Words cannot describe how thankful and blessed we are to have
designed wedding cakes for so many wonderful couples. They in turn, have left hundreds
of positive reviews for Lakes Cakes, which has cemented our status as one the most
foremost, widely respected wedding cake designers in the great state of Michigan. We
look forward to meeting new faces and designing beautiful, delicious cakes for the
coming year!
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