Gourmet chocolate covered caramel apples
White and milk chocolate
Chocolate pecan turtle
Dirt and worms

Peanut turtle                                     Cinnamon Pecan
Chocolate pecan turtle                       Hawaiian coconut
Dirt and worms                                 M & M's
S'mores                                            Trail mix
White and milk chocolate                   Dark dunked
Snickers                                           Michigan cherry
Peanut butter pretzel
Lakes Cakes' gourmet caramel covered apples begin with your choice of either select, extra large Fuji  or Granny
Smith apples.  After dipping the apples in a smooth, rich, homemade caramel sauce, the apples are then dipped, drizzled
and sprinkled with select toppings.  The samples below are Lakes Cakes' most popular apples, but feel free to "create
your own".
$6.00 per apple                                             
$7.00 per apple with bag and ribbon
Cinnamon Pecan
Trail mix
Peanut butter pretzel
Dark dunked  
Wedding Apples:
$9.00 per apple
$18.00 a pair
Michigan cherry  
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