Lakes Cakes        
"Extreme" Specialty cakes a.k.a
Lakes Cakes'  "15 minutes of fame...."
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Cake for Gordie Howe/Toarmina's Pizza
6 ft. high cake
Birthday cake for Tommy Hearns Jr.
"Send terminally ill kids to Disney World"  
benefit cake.
(Cake is 6 ft. X 4 ft. X 3 ft. high)  
March of Dimes Benefit Cake  (Base cake is 4
ft. X 8 ft. w/ 3D babies on top)
Molson beer promotion
(Race car is 6 ft. X 2 ft. X 1.5 ft. high)
Kmart executive retirement party cake
(Cake is 4ft. x 2 ft. x 1.5 ft. high)
Retirement cake for Yellow Freight Teamsters
Local 299 Detroit
43rd Birthday cake for Indy car /Nascar driver P.J. Abbott
Michigan Renaissance Festival 2007 -Chocolate Fest/ Sweet Endings weekend
3D Shrek's head
Cut out "proverbial turkey leg"
3D Knight's head
3D Dragon
3D guitar cake for  "Bravo"  of
Game Seven Entertainment   
Retirement cake for  City of Detroit
Assistant Chief of Police, Robert
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Wedding Cake and Groom's cake for U.S. figure skating champion, Judy Sargent and Paul Mata 10-10-10
The wedding cake can be seen under the spotlight
to the left.  Royal Park Hotel, Rochester, MI
From a different angle, with lights dimmed, under
the spotlight to the right.
His and Hers ice skates which served as a Groom's
The couple delighted their guests with an ice
dance.  The ceremony was held at the Troy Ice
Area (where the couple had met).
The wedding cake:  White
butter cake filled and iced in
buttercream icing, garnished
with handmade gum paste
Judy Sargent and Paul Mata

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Retirement party cakes for Ford Executive, "Mac"
Ark of the Covenant cake: 1st Place in the
Ladies High Tea cake contest
Cake for the unveiling of General Motor's Onstar Review Mirror   
The real thing
Our cake rendition of the real thing
Anniversary cake for "America's Gardener",
Jerry Baker