Lakes Cakes      
3D/2D Cake Sculptures and Cutouts
"Beer, Liquor, champagne etc. "
Cut out Grey Goose
bottle cake

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3D beer can w/ deer fishing cake
Cut out champagne bottle cake
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Tiered cake w/ 3D bottle on top
Cutout Ace of Spades
Champagne bottle
"Bottle to bottles..."   tiered cake
3D Hennessy bottle
Cutout red martini
Martini cake- 21st birthday two
Cutout Ciroc bottle w/ edible shot
3D drunk monkey w/ bottle
3D Patron bottle w/ edible shot glasses
and cigars
Cut out Jagermeister bottle w/
edible shot glasses and cigarettes
Cutout Jack Daniels bottle w/ edible
shot glasses
Cutout Crown Royal bottle
Cutout Moet bottle Rose
3D Grey Goose bottle on
single tier w/ edible cigar
Cutout Ciroc bottle and Gucci purse
Cutout Corona bottle cake
Cutout Ciroc bottle
"Bottle to bottles....
Cut out SKYY bottle cake
3d Heiniken bottle in ice bucket

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Champagne bottle cake
Beer stein cake
3D  hennessy bottle cake and
grilled cheese
Jack Daniels barrel cake
Tiered cake w/ ice bucket and
2d bourbon bottle cake
2D Whiskey bottle cake