Custom Decorated Sugar Cookies

The prices below are base prices. Labor intensive designs may incur additional charges.

Sugar Cookies

  • 4-6 inch cookie = $2.75
  • 4-6 inch cookie w/ bag = $3.25

Cookies on Sticks

  • 4-6 inch cookie = $3.75
  • 4-6 inch cookie w/ bag = $4.25

Lakes Cakes' sugar cookies start with the finest and freshest ingredients available. Each cookie is custom cut, then baked to delicate, crisp perfection. Every cookie is custom decorated by a hand by a real person not a machine. Below is a tiny sampling of cookies we provide. Lakes Cakes owns over 200 cookie cutters, so it is hard to display all of them here. If you don't see something to your liking here, please inquire or send us a photo of the desired design.